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What happened to our forever?

An Excerpt from the book.
Time heals everything, they say.
Well, let me tell you, this is bullshit. Time doesn’t heal anything. It just heaps more events on top of your grief so your mind would be occupied with them instead. But one day, if you sift through that heap, you will find that beneath it all, the wound is still there: still bleeding, still raw, still paining like this would be the end of you.
Moving on is a myth.

We never stop loving the people who once owned our hearts. We only stop hoping they would be ours.

What did Tashi do?

A beautiful woman. An anonymous stranger. A spine-chilling nightmare that blurs the thin line between online bullying and a full-blown real-life ordeal.

Tashi Chotten is a woman from Arunachal Pradesh working and living a normal life in New Delhi. Her world turns upside down one night when she receives an anonymous email with a picture attached. Curious, she clicks on it to find that the photograph is her own – a semi-naked one she had clicked almost four years back when she was in a relationship with Akash.

Tashi's breath catches in her throat: how could this be possible? How could an image of four years ago come back to haunt her now? Was Akash doing this to take revenge on her for dumping him? But why would he wait so long if revenge was his intention? She had so many questions she needed the answers to, but first of all, Tashi had the anonymous sender’s strange request to oblige: should she fight back or should she give him what he was demanding?

In a fast-paced, mind-numbing tale of misplaced trust and poor data security, blackmail and friendship, lust and a love that had gone cold years back, will Tashi be able to regain control over her life and win the fight against the man who seems to be one step ahead of her, no matter which direction she chooses to go?


  • What I like most about the book is in the end it teaches you something.
    ~ Gaurav
  • The story was a learning and further sensitized me (as a man) about the vulnerability and ordeals a working lady suffers today. I feel thankful to the author.
    ~Ambuj Sahu
  • I wish I could add a few more stars on the reviews but there are only five of them.
    ~ Vanita Das
  • Portrayal of emotions is the author's forte - and despite the limitations of plot-details that a full-length novel might well negotiate - it makes the novella an hour's delight and absolutely recommendable.
    ~ Anurag Anand
  • If you are not a fan of cliched topics and dare to try something new, this is it.
    ~Dhruv Agarwal
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  • I love this book so much. Not because it's just poetry. But because it has a beautiful poem written for every human emotion imaginable.
    ~ Amazon customer

  • After reading "Stolen Reflections" I was so inspired that even I wrote a few poems based on your 'Poetry in form' section.
    ~ Vidya Muthu

  • Even if you don't like poetry I'd dare to say you must give it a try. It'll worth your time and money.
    ~ Ashutosh Kumar

  • There are times when you read a piece of literature and nostalgia grips you.. Stolen reflections is a it and relive your life.
    ~ Anurag Dutta

  • Poignant and powerful, the author's first book is an eye-opener. The depth in some of the poems had me enthralled.
    ~ Satyam