Anangsha Alammyan

The author from the land of red rivers and blue hills

About Anangsha

A two-time Quora Top Writer and a 10x Top Writer on Medium, Anangsha specializes in poetry and short fiction. Her compositions have won several national and international awards. Her poetry debut "Stolen Reflections" ended up as an Amazon bestseller within four days of its release and is still going strong on the Amazon Bestsellers list. Her second book is a suspense thriller. "What did Tashi Do?" is the story of a girl from the North Eastern part of India living in New Delhi, who gets ensnared in an all-pervading web of anonymous cyber harassment. Her third book, "What happened to our forever?", is a romantic thriller that ends on a note that has earned rave reviews for the author as well as the book. Apart from her writing career, Anangsha holds a masters degree in civil engineering. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. part-time from IIT Guwahati while working as an Assistant Professor at NIT Silchar. She hopes to write her own fantasy fiction series some day.


Anangsha has been writing since she was four years old, publishing her poems and stories in local newspapers and dreaming, one day, of becoming a full-time author. Her writing journey got a kickstart because of Quora, where she got a chance to showcase her work in front of millions all around the world. She wears many feathers in her hat, a few of which are:

  • Two-time Quora Top Writer (2016 and 2018) - among the select few from India.
  • 10x Top Writer on Medium in topics like Self-Improvement, Feminism, Culture, Books, Reading, etc.
  • Five-time Winner of the "Editor's Choice" and "Story of the Month" titles on Your Story Club.
  • Winner of "The Writing Cooperative" international poetry contest in April 2018.
  • Her piece on a fictional conversation between a real banknote and a fake one won the first prize in a short story contest organized by Reserve Bank of India.

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