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Anangsha Alammyan

“When the last page of a book is turned, it leaves behind an emptiness, a certain kind of sadness that fills you up from within, yet leaves you craving for more.”

“The lesson I learned from her final goodbye: is for ego to live, love must surely die.”


Stolen Reflections

Some stories are told in verse

Stolen Reflections is a collection of 100 poems telling the story of love, loss and the struggle of starting over through the eyes of a young woman. It explores not just modern free verse, but also 15 different traditional poetry forms.


What did Tashi do?

For those who think crime only happens in movies, what if its next target is you?

A beautiful woman. An anonymous stranger. A spine-chilling nightmare that blurs the thin line between online bullying and a full-blown real-life ordeal.


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